U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Fast, efficient, Industry-Leading Tech Stop with an average turn time in under 30 minutes.

Clear Customs With Ease at KXWA

Step 1: Log into eAPIS

Log into eAPIS and submit your flight information at least a couple days in advance for a quicker turn time on the ground.

Step 2: Call Ahead

Call local Customs at 701-875-2128 after you’ve submitted your flight on eAPIS to secure permission to land and confirm that there will be no issues with your entry.

Step 3: Arrive at KXWA

Arrive at KXWA within (+/-) 1 hour of your approved arrival time. If your ETA deviates outside those parameters, contact local Customs at 701-875-2128 to update them.

What to Expect Upon Arrival

  • After landing at KXWA, taxi to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office, located right next to Overland Aviation.
  • Follow the FBO parking instructions.
  • CBP Officer will meet aircraft on the ramp and begin the inspection.
  • Be prepared to present passports, visas, pilot’s license, medical certificate, aircraft registration, and CBP User Fee decal (as required).
  • Crew must notify CBP Officer of any regulated waste/garbage on board aircraft.
  • Pilot is responsible for maintaining control of passengers and crew if a CBP Officer is not immediately available upon landing.

Special Procedures/Miscellaneous


  • For flights arriving outside of regular office hours (7 days/week, 0900-1700 Central Time), pilots must call ahead during regular office hours to coordinate arrival time. This does not necessarily apply to exceptional circumstances like medivac flights.
  • All commercial cargo or aircraft imports must have verified entry number filed prior to requesting permission to land. Please contact CBP for assistance with required information on commercial entries.

Got Questions?

For help with Customs and Border Protection procedures, contact our local Officer at 701-875-2128.

For help with FBO related questions such as fuel, hangar rental etc, contact Overland Aviation at 701-875-4334 or on Unicom frequency: 130.425

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Low-level, oblique, overhead aerial photography, aerial pipeline and power line Patrol, licensed and insured, FAA low altitude authorization waiver, aerial Tours of the Williston Basin,  2004 Cessna Skyhawk 172, two to three passengers plus pilot, FAA Commercial Air Tour Certificate

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